If interviewer asks me ,what all i used (or benifitted) by using .net 3.5,what should i say ?

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Hi all,

My project tools : .net 3.5,WPF,AJAX.

In a recent interview by viewing my project,There was a question to me from interviewer lik,
"By using .net 3.5 ,what all i used (or benefitted) ?" ,for this what should i say.

Why i ask is ,i simply developed my project with latest version .net 3.5,but dont know what exactly i was benefitted by using .net 3.5.
Moreover i knew that in .net 3.0 (vs2005)itself WPF has come.AJAX is
in-buit in this vs2008.

More than that ,i dont know what all benifits i got and i coud get
by using .net 3.5 ....?

Can any1 help me on this issue ?

thanks in advance



Posted by: Raja on: 7/9/2010 [Member] Starter

Ha Ha Ha, I am not laughing at you but most of us who use it but specifically do not know what benefit we are getting out of it.

For .NET Framework 3.5, you can say that you had extensively used WPF that gives much better and appealing user interface in compare with the Windows Forms, you also used ASP.NET Ajax out of the box in your asp.net application and improved the user experience. You might have used WCF Services that gives much better performance in comparison with Web services, also it has much better security control and error management.

If you would have used WWF or Cardspace, you could explain about them also how did you used them and in which scenario. Basically, they wanted to know what kind of work you have done by using .NET Framework 3.5.

However, you would be able to give much better answer if you would have knowledge about .NET Framework 2.0; so if you do do not know 2.0 then simply say that you have started coding from 3.5 and you have used these features of 3.5.

Hope this helps. Thanks

Raja, USA

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Posted by: Nav234 on: 7/9/2010 [Member] Starter

Thank you Raja,

I have used only WPF ,AJAX in my project ad not WCF,WWF lik those.
So other than AJAX and WPF what else benefit i could say to the interviewer.Coz if i say anything,interviewer should not say lik "it is already in previuos version,why you choose .net 3.5"
Somethin backend compilation any difference ??? or somethin else.
so,little confused...

thanks in advance


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