Can i put all thread in wait state untill i get internet connection back.

Posted by Prabhakaran under C# on 11/7/2008 | Views : 2713 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1

i have some critical situation in windows application using .net C#

Question is: my windows application is asynchronous threaded version..this application also using Web service.asmx..10 more timer controls also there. Every timer control ticks connecting server for every 3 seconds..If i have slow internet connection speed..also sometimes lost internet connection..that time my application crashing my application..i cant able to continue..

For that i decided to check the internet connection and if no connection i would like to put all thread in wait state..

Is it possible to put all asynchronous thread in my application in wait state..?

if yes, can you post the coding here to put all thread in wait state.. you can also mail

Can any one help me..



Posted by: Raja on: 11/9/2008 [Member] Starter

Hi Prabhakaran,

See this link, it may help


Raja, USA

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