Program that outputs 1 to n(given integer) in random order ?

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Hi all,

Write a C# program that Inputs an integer n and Outputs each of the Integer
from 1 to n in Random Order.Each integer should appear once and only once !

Thanks in Advance



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Hi Naveen,

We can achieve this in a very easy way.

We have a class in C# called Random.

Let us Consider a Random class and an ArrayList as follows

Random rd = new Random();
ArrayList arr = new ArrayList();

Let us consider nInput is my input integer which will have my maximum number.

int nInput = 5; 

and sOutput is my resultant string which will have all integers in a comma separated format.

string sOutput  = string.Empty;

The code will be.

private void DoRandom()


while(arr.Count <= nInput)
int nTemp = rd.Next(nInput);
foreach(int n in arr)
sOutput += n.ToString()+",";

So my Output will be like 5,3,1,2,0,4

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