The App works in local but not on the server

Posted by Adambersku under Silverlight on 10/18/2010 | Points: 10 | Views : 1719 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1
I have a app that uses Telerik grids, charts and gauges for Silverlight. When I run this in local (connected to the server) it works as you can see here, the gauges have data:
But, when published to the server the gauges do not load:
I am trying to understand what is causing this discrepancy. It's only those gauges on the right that display this behaviour. All other datas are spot on.

The Silverlight app and webservice on the same server over here.

I am wondering where to look? Webconfig, my project, service references,etc. If someone can point out what the issue is here?


Posted by: Vuyiswamb on: 10/21/2010 [Member] [MVP] [Administrator] NotApplicable | Points: 25

let me see the image that shows it does not work, do you get an error on the page(yellow exclamation mark) on the status bar ?

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