I want to create a summary report with crystal report

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Pls help. I want to create a summary report using crystal report.

I want my report in this form:
ProductName Sale(2009) Sale(2010)
ProdA 250 561
ProdB 360 150
Grand Totral 610 711

I have two table
1. product master
2. Sales

ProdName ProdCode
ProdA 01
ProdB 02

------- ProdCode Sale City Year
01 35 Mumbai 2009
01 60 Delhi 2008
02 150 Delhi 2009


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Hope you know on how to arrange the DB table column contents to the crystal reports view... after adding the contents and use the SUMMATION button to get the results in the footer view..


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You can generate reports using an online reporting tool zoho reports(http://reports.zoho.com). In Zoho Reports you can create databases and tables and then you can generate reports using its chart view(there are lot of graphical views,which give clear understanding on your report),pivot,summary table,query table,tabular view. In this, pivot,summary and tabular views may help you.
You can Import your data in following ways
1. First create an account in http://reports.zoho.com .
2. You can import using Zoho Reports UI ( or ) using API ( or ) Upload tool
3. You can upload your local file(.txt/.csv/.tsc/.xls/.html/ and etc..)
4. In case if you are having your tables in a database (mysql,oracle,MS Excel.... ) you can connect your database with zoho reports upload tool . And you can import easily
Its a cool tool to analyse your data by creating different reports.

You can be helped by subscribing with basic plans,which itself provides large amount of data.

If it meets your requirement, you can use this tool. For any clarification get back to me..


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