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I am trying to populate the WPF datagrid with the dataset but getting blank datagrid.When I populate through the table I found the records but at run time grid is coming blank.

Please find the code also: (using typed dataset)
EmployeeDS ds = new EmployeeDS();

DummyAPP.EmployeeDSTableAdapters.EmployeesTableAdapter adapter = new DummyAPP.EmployeeDSTableAdapters.EmployeesTableAdapter();


dataGrid1.DataContext = ds.Employees.DefaultView;

AT FrontEnd binding it like
<my:DataGrid ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Table[0] }"/>

PLease help me ... Where I am going wrong :(


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Today I came with fresh mind and tried again. I just got my error.It's resolved now :)

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