unable to get the code for my web application(help desk) in c#.net

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i m working on web application name is help desk application in c#.net it is for internal use only..

i have created a web page called new request like (compose mail in gmail so on)

where it contain departments,id,name,description,status soooo on and a submit button

we are having 3 departments i.e, IT,Projects,Infrastructure

suppose for example when i select IT department from dropdown and click on submit button the mail should automatically go to that particular department emilid that to in to the inbox.

like in gmail when we send any mails it will go to that particular persons inbox right inthat way only i have to send to that particular department id............

can any one help me out.............


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You should have following info
1>smtp server
2>username & Passwords for credentials

and then with proper domain name, you can create alias for emailId's like
IT@yahoo.com <----> IT

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Hi Gayathrirachu,

My approach to your requirement is, You need to save the Departments and the mail id in tables and write a join query to query both the tables to get the list of mail ids.

Once its done you need to do the changes from the front end and get the list of mail ids you need to send mail. once you get the list of ids then using SMTP send the mail using the code below



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