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hello Sir'
through your help I had created masterpage.master and along with that two more pages Login.aspx and registration.aspx Page.But now I am facing another problem, as actually happens in all web pages that first the user register on the websit then he logins in that site and after that he is able to visit the home page of that websit .I too want to do so but not getting ideas how to do so ,I can easily handle this problem if u help me out as done earlier hope u help me soon Waiting for your reply Sir.....,
I hav 1 more issue.. When I run my register page alone through debug but it run that single register page, but before it prompts me debugg is enabled dialog box, I try to run Login page alone It gives me same error that Debugging not enableed and It said me to modify the Web.config file why this message appear and when I tick the second radio button run without debugging it runs ,when I try to run MasterPage.master through debugg button It didnot asked for any enable or disable debugg dialogbox but It shows me a[ Directory Listing --/Master/ ]
page, it shows me the time I have opend the page associated with its page name and all files associated with that website.
I m not getting what the problem is and I cant solve it as a begineer in the Programming Field Sir'
Plz help me out from this . Thanking You Sir'


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Based on what you have written in the first paragraph, I feel you should understand how Authentication and Authorization works.

I would recommend to read and articles that should help you in understanding this.


Sheo Narayan

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Thanks for your reply Sir' , but I think you didn't understand my question ,I had asked that I had created 3 Pages,
1 is .master and 2 pages are .aspx Login.aspx and Register.aspx,Now I want to make my website like this .. my home page wher it shows a login page and a register button If the user is new he first prompt to register himself and once he register a message apper to user that your registration is successful ,after that he again return to the same home page ther he should enter his username and password and tick the remember me button and click on login button and after clicking he must be delivered to the Main home page ,this all things I want to know ,hope u get me this time and reply soon waiting for ur helpful reply, along with tat I want that all my pager header footer should be in the same position so want some example like master pages associated with its child page login and registration pages
Thankz Sir

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