How To Send Email Using DomainServiceClass in Silverlight

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I Have a Data Grid as Follows:
CheckBoxField,EmployeeName, EmployeeId,LeaveStatus,SubCode
* , XX , 1 , Pending ,2

and i have 2 tables They Are Employee table, and Leave Table...

Employee Table Have Following datafields:
Employee Id,EmployeeName,Email
1 , XX ,x@g.c
2 ,YY ,Y@g.c

Leave Table Have The Following Fields :
1 ,XX ,Pending ,2

And My DataGrid ItemSource=Leavetable
Am Using DomainServiceClass and Ado.NetDataEntityModel

My Question Is?
When User Check The CheckBox In DataGrid And Click The Cancel Button The LEaveStatus Will Be UpDated As "Cancelled" And Mail Whould Be Automatically Send To The Employee
In This The Mail FromAddress Would Be TakenBy EmployeeTable Which One Is Equal To Current User Based On That Id The From Email Address Would Be Taken
and To Address Is Which One Is Equal To SubCode ThatMeans
From LeaveTable SubCode=EmployeeTable EmployeeID Then The Email Address Of Equal To SubCode Will Be taken as To Address

Finally My Question Is
How To Send a Mail From:Y@g.c Mail To:X@g.c


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