at what circumstance we can go for abstract class or interface

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at what circumstance we can go for abstract class or interface?

and what is nessasity to declare the memberfunctiosns instead of implementatiosn, should you explain the what are way , advantages to implemnt them, And i hear that in win app only we can for above , but unusually use in web apps.

pls explain in detaill.
pls clarfy these things, hope there are Use useful to some other programmers also.
thanking u



Posted by: Majith on: 4/9/2009 [Member] Starter

Hi james,

If you are trying to implement multiple inheritance in .net languages its not possible for the puropose you have to choose Interface for solving this problem.

Interface allow you to separate the definition of objects from their implementation.

Interfaces are more flexible than base classes

Interfaces are useful in cases where you cannot use class inheritance. For example, structures cannot inherit from classes, but they can implement interfaces.

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