Trying to correctly publish wpf program using linq to sql

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I finished my application (my computer has windows xp). It is a desktop flashcard application. A person can add, edit, and delete their own flashcard sets. I used linq to sql (sql server 2008 express). I wanted to publish the application so that I would be able to run it on my other computer (windows 7) that didn't have the database (with all the tables) already installed.

Before I hit the publish button, I added prerequisites Microsoft .Net Framework 4, SQL Server 2008 Express, and Windows Installer 4.5. The setup installed everything. It worked fine until I tried to add the set to the database. The program said there was an error and shut down.

I am thinking that installing SQL Server didn't add my database with my tables for me. How do I do this?

Thank you!!

PS I am still new at this so an easy example or one with screen shots or a video would be awesome.


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This is not a nice way of doing things , so this means on each pc you will install an instance of SQl express :(. Why dont you create WCF services and let your WPF app consume those services so that you will have only one central database that will be easy to maintain, lets say you have to install for 400 users and you happen to find a bug in the database, that means you will be going to database to database to fix the bug ?

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