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We have a document library name process documentation on productuon environment. This Doc. Library has multiple columns. One column Caddie Release is choice field (drop down),
earlier it was required field, now user wants it to reset it to not required. Admi of this iste has made it Not required. But when user tries to upload the nnew doc. or edit the existing one, in edit form as well as new form it show caddie release field as manadtory, and that * mark is still shown while in doc. libarary setting page that column is display as not required meand no right mark is ther for that column.
We hve find out coule of work arounds for it lkie
1. enable content type and check it but for it no custom content type is used. and default Content type for it is Document.
But Caddie release is not part of Document Content Type infact no columns of that Doc. Libary is part of default Documernt Content type.
2. Fro m Sharepoint Designer we have edited the Edit form of that Doc Libarray, remove cutom list web part and go to insert menu--> select Custom controls and added Custom list view web part where that column(filed) is displaying it as non required.but when check in that edited form, that filed is displayed as mandototry.
3. from Doc. Libbary settings done all changes like fill in filed, choice filed option as blank but nothing is working.
4. we can not delete that colum as huge amount of data exists in that Doc. library.
5. When I tested with tes Doc. libabry with same structure it is working fine but not with the existing doc. library.

That Document Library is alreadr exist in the portal. Not getting from where that list columns added to list?

Pls. provide me the solution ASAP that how can I make choice filed of it as not required from required.
Your help will be really appreciated.



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Your question is not clear, another thing is that we don't know anything about your document Library, if you can share and give enough information, maybe we could help. i am not a SharePoint expert but try me.

Thank you for posting at Dotnetfunda

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