DropDownList in Gridview to update record getting problem...

Posted by Navalemanoj0405 under ASP.NET on 6/23/2011 | Points: 10 | Views : 1805 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 1
Dear all ,
I am working on gridview and there are two dropdownlist in gridview edit template with respective sqldatasource.
what i want to do is update the record when i will click on update button which is generated through gridview
but it is throwing error :
Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'CompanyID', table 'RealValue.dbo.tbl_BikePrcInfo'; column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails.
The statement has been terminated.
i don't want to do code in .cs file is it possible?
please help me

Thanks in adv....... :)


Posted by: Jpchoudhari on: 6/23/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25


It seems that comapnyID column in your table is not permitting NULL values.
Unless you validate this you can't update.

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Jaydeep Choudhari

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