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Hi all

Iam very new to silverlight application currently im in .Net .what are the components should i install to work with silverlight

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Posted by: Srinath on: 7/7/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

* Initially Silver light is called as wpf/e
* Silver light is an internet based technology for developing RIA (rich Internet Application)
* Silver light 1.0 is provided with only javascript programming support
* .Net support is provided with Silver Light 2.0
* The current version is Silver Light 4.0
* Silver Light 3.0 comes with built in .Net 4.0
* .Net 3.5 requires separate installation
* so Install silver light SDK
Install Silver Light tools for Visual Studio
Install Silver Light Runtime

* Silver Light Runtime is a Plug-in to browser to execute silver light application at client side
* It is a very light weight Plug-in,it consumes around 4MB memory space in client system
And silver light Runtime is a cross browser Plug-In..

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