expressions in CONDITIONAL SPLIT

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I am using conditional split in my SSIS Package.(ISNULL(NEW_COST) == TRUE )&& (TRADE_STATUS="NEW')..Configure error output is Fail Component.but am getting the following error:-

[Conditional Split for NEW status [26278]] Error:
The expression on "output "Success evaluated to NULL,
but the "component "Conditional Split requires a Boolean results.
Modify the error row disposition on the output to treat this result as False (Ignore Failure)
or to redirect this row to the error output (Redirect Row).
The expression results must be Boolean for a Conditional Split.
A NULL expression result is an error.


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Got answer myself..use ISNULL(NEW_COST) == TRUE && (ISNULL(TRADE_STATUS) ? "FALSE" : TRADE_STATUS) == "NEW"..the column used in comparison should not contain NULL

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