i need differ between

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I need Difference Between Both Sql command

1.Tbl_BookIssue.BookDate >='09/13/2010' and Tbl_BookIssue.BookDate <= '09/15/2011'

2.Tbl_BookIssue.BookDate Between '09/13/2010' and '09/13/2011'

i have didnot proper output.

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Posted by: Sathya4260 on: 9/13/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

There is no difference, both would produce the same result with consuming same time, Any way the second query is implicitly converted as below and executed

Tbl_BookIssue.BookDate>=CONVERT_IMPLICIT(datetime,[@1],0) AND Tbl_BookIssue.BookDate<=CONVERT_IMPLICIT(datetime,[@2],0)"

So there might be no difference.

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Sathish Kumar S

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