internal server error issue

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Procedure to upload asp.net3.5 project in server:
Server version asp.net4.0 - no need to change the version for our asp.net3.5 project - right?

1. Create virtual directory in server
2. create database in server
3. upload all our project files except these folders (App_Data, obj, My Project)
-am i right ?

i just uploaded: bin folder, aspx files, web.config, and support folders like css,js,images etc. -- right?
I am getting INTERNAL SERVER ERROR if i browse.
note: i uploaded test.html file in that virtual directory
but that too is getting INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.

so, i fee - its not the project error - it may be from server.
because its not showing even simple html file too... :(

please confirm me whether i am right or not?

<I asked support from server people and waiting for them>


Posted by: Thiru on: 9/19/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

The problem i faced is rectified.

What i did above is correct.
Hope there is some problem with the server.
Still now i didn't get any reply from server support team.
(Actually the server is handling .net4 but my project is .net3.5
It should support -- but don't why exactly - it may be a reason for that error)

I just uploaded in another server (which is handling .net3.5). Its working fine.

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