using wsDualHTTPBinding to communicate to java client

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Hi I am using wsDualHTTPBinding in my WCF Service.
and I need Java client to be connected to the service and receive data from the service.

Is this Java - WCF Service communication possible using WsDualHTTPBinding?




Posted by: Hemanthlaxmi on: 9/28/2011 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

It sounds like you have a soap formatting issue. The java client isn't generating soap XML that makes sense to the WCF service. To get an idea of what the soap XML the service is expecting use the WcfTestClient command line app to call the service. This app dynamically creates a service proxy in a WinForm app. In the app, call the service operation and click the XML tab (next to the Formatted tab at the bottom of the right pane). You'll see both the request & response soap in this tab.

Next, configure the WCF service for message tracing and call it from the java client to see the soap XML it is being sent. Now you can compare the two soap messages to see what is different. The java client will need be configured to generate the soap format the WCF is expecting.

The WCF team recently released some WCF interop bindings specifically for java. These may not apply to your specific situation but they're probably worth reviewing.

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