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Good Morning All

i have a Sourcesage Database created by me and my Boss has access to the Files in his Computer, now there is a Class Project that claims it has been checkout by him and when he checks in is Computer it says i have the file checkedout by me. Now another thing when he tries to checkitout from VS it says

"The File has been exclusively checkout by the same user in a different location"

We have delete any occurance of that file we have only in his machine. How can we overwrite this Error


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I found a Solution to this. This is because my Boss had a project previouly and made a backup and delete the old one and create a new one in a different location. Now Sourcesafe was pointing to the deleted directory. To resolve this i change the directory to the new location of the file and check it in from his side and get the latest and and check it out from my site.



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