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Hi i am looking forward to create a website like

The problem i am facing is , a user will register , login , choose an operator and fill the required amount and process the fund (using CCAvenue).

I have no idea from where i can get the API's for different network providers. Do i need to contact all network providers for that, or is there some easy way around.



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Hi Modit,

I hope currently Airtel and Idea is providing API to do so.
i am not sure all networker is providing api for this operation.

so, you have to contact all operators.

Anyhow i like to give my suggestion in this regard.

1.Setup an offline application which should read the incoming SMS and Send SMS as per incoming sms.
2. once customer paid amount through payment gateway -- pass the variable as SMS to your mobile number (the one you have config.with offline app.)
3.note: as incoming sms contains details about: customer number, network name, amt to recharge, type or recharge etc.
once it receives -- the offline app. shld send SMS (as per required format to recharge) to your mobile number where you already had account with that networker.

if this happens -- customer will automatically get the confirmation sms from networker.

I just gave a suggestion -- if you have any other idea - just share with me.


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Posted by: Messijack on: 7/18/2013 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

Some of the best examples of Mobile Recharging websites for developing are
1. Rechargeitnow
3. India Mobile Recharge
4. Recharge Guru
5. One Stop Recharge
Mobile Recharge API is a third-party recharging system, where the transactions of amount take place. Some of the API providers in India are
1. E-Billing Solutions
2. PayPal
3. E-Bay and so on.
Make use of these companies for getting API for your Mobile Recharge websites.

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Posted by: Knowhow112 on: 3/26/2014 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

You can make a Recharge Website for dirt cheap prices. is offering a fully featured Recharge portal with Wallet, sms recharge, email recharge, referral program, etc. very professional recharge portal. May be this will help.

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Posted by: Sumit.Icfai196 on: 9/27/2014 [Member] Starter | Points: 25


While browsing through internet .. i came to through your question regarding setting up the things....for mobile recharge website..
its a pretty complicated thing to achieve as first of all its to have a clear vision of your idea..
as the mobile recharge websites can be created either on API's offered by Operators or on a dedicated well integrated Mobile
Recharge Server or a hybrid of both which is a mobile recharge websites which is well connected with the both that is the server.. as
well as the APi of the operator..

To set up the server you need to make another development work.. that is its a project in itself managing 26+ operators
at single go.. that to offering recharges through multiple ways including sms : web : gprs : website

To simplify the things you can simply get in touch with the server offering firms in India including Sumangalam Telecom,
MARS etc.. which offers the servers.. but what happens is you need to invest with the latest servers.. and that is being offered
by Team Sumanagalam : Jaipur ..

You can simply get in touch with me.. for any of your queries regarding the websportals as am working in the industry for long time..
feel free to drop in a mail at for any queries in setting up b2b : b2c webportals

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