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I want to create a page that does the following things:

I have a device A that i selected in a previous page , for this device i want to do three steps

1. Reparation : for the device A i want to insert R1,R2,...,Rn reparations from a DDL and display them into a table with a price for each reparation and a total price. So if i select R1 and R2 i want to see in the table the selected reparation with prices P1 and P2 and a total price T = P1+P2

2. Verification : for the same device i want to insert two verification V1 and V2 with prices P1 and P2 and view them the same in a table with a total price

3. Parts : for the device A i want to insert the parts that were included in step 1 in the reparation field , and for each part i have a price so i want to select Part 1 with Price 1 , and Part 2 with Price 2 , and view them in another table with the total Price .

And if this is all done , how can i save everything for the device A? so i can view it later
Does anyone have an idea? Or some tutorials about this? Or even an short example?
There is a database for all of this and is filled with the reparation example , verification and parts.
I use and C#

Thank you very much.
I hope for a quick reply .


Posted by: Majith on: 8/11/2009 [Member] Starter

Greetings Sbadrian ,

1. you can store the device A values in Session and then pass the values other pages.

2. you can use the hash table to pass the multiple values.

Hashtable deviceA= new Hashtable();

deviceA["Value1"] = ddltest.SelectedValue.ToString();

In the next page you can restore
_testId = Convert.ToInt32(deviceA["Value1"]);


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