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1.What is Interface? -Explain
2.What is OOps? -Explain
3.What is AbstactClass? -Explain
4.What is Shield class? - -Explain
5.What is Static Class? -Explain
6.What is Inheritence? -Explain
7.What is Joins? -Explain
8.What is Polymerishm? -Explain
9.What is Overloading? -Explain
10.What is Object databind? -Explain
11.Architecure of the Projects - 3 Tier
12. Difference B/w 3.5 and 4.0
13.Primary key multiple Primary key sql 2008.
14.Explain Primary key
15.Explain Unique key
16.Explain Candidate key
17.Index-> How many Indexs in Sql.
18.Explain Architecure Of ADO Dotnet.
19.How to count character and string Particular TextBoxes. here I am type Ex: India is Big County
I need output this
i -> count-this 3
etc characters
20.How to Read items in Dropdownlist to add listitems i have add records dropdownlist manually so.
21. This is My Html Code how to convert c# Code for timer with scroll
<marquee direction="up" behavior="alternate">
22. How To Read Tamil Verses with Voice.
23.How to Show Html File in my C# windows Application Without Performance Issue.

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Hi JayaKumar,
1)Interface: Signature of methods,Delegates and Events.
14) Primary Key:Uniquely Identifies each record in the Database.
19) var cntChar = textBox1.Text.Trim().Length;
MessageBox.Show("No of Charaters in the Textbox:" + cntChar.ToString());

Lakshmi Naraayanan.S

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