diff b/w Html5 and silverlight

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Hello sir
I have doubt.what is the difference between html5 and silver light.Which is the best one and why?
Iam confusing .I searched google.I can't understand some members told html5 feture one .
please reply me.



Posted by: Arefin on: 1/20/2012 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

Hmm very good question for getting start between these two tech (silverlight and html5). Okay I can share my view.

Actually, Silverlight is a RIA framework, that is really easy to develop any RIA with .NET. As this is a framework, it is possible to do powerful work without less coding. Otherwise, the new tech HTML5 is as like as Hot Cake. No browser plugin needed for HTML5, but you know silverlight needs browser plugin. But Microsoft says that, their product silverlight is not a competitor of HTML5. Two are different tech.

Now you can start whatever you need.


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