Http Headers and URL

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A URL will be like this. http://localhost/mywebpage.aspx

so whatz a httprequest and response header?
how r they useful?

please explain.


Posted by: Ogipansrk on: 2/5/2012 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

The information, in the form of a text record, that a user??s browser sends to a Web server containing the details of what the browser wants and will accept back from the server. The request header also contains the type, version and capabilities of the browser that is making the request so that server returns compatible data.
Upon receipt of the request header, the server will return an HTTP response header to the client that is attached to the file(s) being sent

The information, in the form of a text record, that a Web server sends back to a client's browser in response to receiving an HTTP request. The response header contains the date, size and type of file that the server is sending back to the client and also data about the server itself. The header is attached to the files being sent back to the client.

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