data synchronization between Active Directory and sqlserver

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I have to develop a data synchronization module using ASP.Net and C#. This module should synchronize the user repository from the source which is Active Directory (for now). I have to meet the requirement of doing the same with LDAP or ERP system in the future.I am using SQL server as my target database to sync from Active Directory.It will be a One-Way sync. Every time there is any change in the source repository, this module should synchronize that data with my SQL database. The Active Directory application exists within the same domain where my Data Synchronization module is going to be. I have to find out a better approach to do this for myself without using any other third party Data Synchronization applications available in the market. I have the following concerns to resolve in order to come up with the better aproach to do this.



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please see this link. I think it would help u.

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