authentication & authorization works. [Resolved]

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hi folks,
i have little confusion about authentication,
when and where windows,form and passport authentication it works.
please more useful to me to deploy my project.



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Authentication is the process of verifying identity of the person/user
Authorization is the process for allowing user to access some resource or If the user should allowed to use particular resource.

For types of authentication and More details

refer this link

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R D Patel

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By default website contains windows authentication, means while u switch on the system ,application will take system user name, after that it will executed.means this is os level security.
If u want to provide security at application level just we have to forms authentication.forexample take any gmail account ,if u want to enter into inbox we have to provide username and password,if it is matched it will allow into the site.
Passport authentication means ,if we want to use passport authentication, first we have purchase passport authentication software.In general take if u have passport book ,u can go any where, means once u registered into passport authentication site, u will access the site not to necessary every time to login.

meera mohiddin

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