What is the main principle behind Agile documentation?

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The main deliverable in Agile is a working software and not documentation. Documentation is a support to get the working software. In traditional delivery cycle lot of documentation where generated in design and requirement phase. But we are sure many of documentation where either created just for the sake of it or it was just created. Below are the some of the key points to make documentation Agile:-

• Before creating any document ask a question do we need it and if we who is the stake holder. Document should exist only if needed and not for the sake of existence.
• The most important thing is we need to create documentation to provide enough data and no more than that. It should be simple and should communicate to stakeholders what it needs to communicate. For instance below figure ‘Agile Documentation’ shows two views for a simple class diagram. In the first view we have shown all the properties for “Customer” and the “Address” class. Now have a look at the second view where we have only shown the broader level view of the classes and relationships between them. The second view is enough and not more. If the developer wants to get in to details we can do that during development.

Figure: - Agile documentation

• Document only for the current and not for future. In short whatever documentation we require now we should produce and not something we need in the future. Documentation changes its form as it travels through every cycle. For instance in the requirement phase it’s the requirement document, in design it’s the technical documentation and so on. So only think which document you want to create now and not something in the future.

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