Which of the following can be share between two pages.

 Posted by Santosh4u on 10/15/2009 | Category: ASP.NET Interview questions | Views: 11982
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  1. viewstate
  2. session
  3. cache
  4. cookies
  5. All Above

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Posted by: Virendradugar on: 10/16/2009
Hi Santhosh,

Your answer to this question is wrong. ViewState can be shared between two pages.

Check my article on dotnetfunda.


Accordingly change your answer accordingly.

Virendra Dugar.
Posted by: Virendradugar on: 10/19/2009
Hi Santhosh,

As said previously, Kindly modify your question or remove it as it is incorrect.

Virendra Dugar.
Posted by: Santosh4u on: 10/19/2009
Sorry i was little bit busy with some other work,that's why i did't reply.
I modified the Answers


Posted by: Virendradugar on: 10/19/2009
Hi Santosh,

Even after modification, this question is wrong.
Instead of "Which of the following cannot share between two pages", it should be "Which of the following can be shared between two pages?"

Kindly check it and change it accordingly.

Virendra Dugar
Posted by: Sagnalrac on: 9/9/2015 | Points: 10
Hi Virendra Dugar!

I found your article very interesting and useful.

You only forgot to include a link to it (as we can copy/paste text here).

There you go: http://www.dotnetfunda.com/articles/show/497/access-viewstate-across-pages

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