Describe the Managed Execution Process?

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It includes the following steps that are as follows:

• First you choose a compiler. To get the benefits provided by the common language runtime, you must use one or more language compilers that target the runtime.

• You can compile your code to Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) and when compiling, it translates your source code into MSIL and generates the required metadata.

• When you are compiling the code from MSIL to native code, then at that execution time, a just-in-time (JIT) compiler translates the MSIL into native code. During this compilation, code passes a verification process which examines the MSIL and metadata to find out whether the code can be determined to be type safe or not.

• Executing your code. The common language runtime provides the platform that enables execution to take place as well as a different type of services that can be used during execution.

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