Explain steps to optimize a web application for better performance?

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Step-1: Turn off the debug option for a compiled application that is code compiled with release option runs faster than code compiled with debug option.

Step-2: Avoid postback of data between the client and server. Design the Web form in a way that it will complete the data on the Web form before user posts the data to the server. You can also use validation control to know the data complete on the client side before the page is submitted.

Step-3: Turn on or off the Session state according to the requirement i.e. you are designing your code to use some other techniques like cookies which is used to store client data etc.

Step-4: Make ViewState as off for server controls so that it needn't to retain their values. Saving ViewState information which leads to transmit data back to the server with each request.

Step-5: Use stored procedures with databases to execute more quickly.

Step-6: Use SqlDataReader rather than data set for data retrieval i.e. it is faster and consumes less memory than a data set.

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