How to partition Hard disk while your computer is fully functional?

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In this small article, I shall show how to partition your Hard Disk while your computer is fully functional (without formatting stuffs and doing partition at the time of installation).


Generally when we buy a new laptop of computer, the vendor gives the whole hard disk as a single partition. In order to organize our stuffs well we feel the need of a separate partitions. In this article, I am going to show the steps of doing partition of the hard drive while you are working on your computer. You do not need to format the disk and do the partitioning at the installing the operating system.


Generally it is not suggested to partition the hard drive as I have heard that it slows down the system performance. Also you must ensure that you have backup of all your important data and softwares including Operating System so that you can install them again in case something goes wrong.

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Steps to partition your hard disk

Step 1

Right click My Computer / Computer icon from your Desktop or Start menu and select Manage.

Step 2

Go to Storage folder from left panel and explore. Click on Disk Management.

Step 3

Right side you will see all the drives available on your computer. Right click the drive you want to partition and select Shrink Volume .... It will take little time to calculate the amount of space that can be used as a new logical drive (partition).

Step 4

It will give you the amount of space it can create as a new Logical drive. Follow the wizard that will ask you to Select the size of partition you want to make and click on Shrink button.

Step 5

It will take little time to shrink and after that you will notice that one more drive will be added with black box in the Disk Management window.

Step 6

Right click the new drive and select New Simple Volume ...

Step 7

Click Next and Select the amount of drive, drive name, drive File System, Voume Name (you can change it later on too) and select Perform a Quick Format checkbox. Click Next and then Finish.

Step 8

After few minutes you should be able to see your new drive in the right panel along with all other drives.

Supported Operating System

I have done partition successfully by following above steps in Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Cheers & keep reading and sharing whatever you have learnt today!

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