Call a SSIS package inside another - Part 2

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In this we will call a SSIS package stored in SQL Server.


In the previous article we saw how we can call a SSIS package inside another where we called a package from the file system.

Now thru this article we will try to call a SSIS package that is stored in SQL Server in another package.

So lets start and see how it works.

Start MS BI Development Environment, Select and Integration services project.

Drag drop a Execute Package Task on to the package as shown.

Double click on the task to configure as shown, Select the location to be SQL Server

Select the Connection to be your server where you have your SSIS package resides

Click on Package to select the package from the list of packages in the SQL Server.

Click OK to complete configuring the Execute package task.

Finally Click ok to close the editors

Thats it.. Execute the package and see the result

Since the package that we called from this package here is Conditional Split in SSIS that we created earlier.

We will get the same result that we got there i.e. two separate files will be created. Please refer to this link for details.

Simple... Hope you all like this article..

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