Add View in ILDASM.exe in Mouse Right Click option

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It is quite troublesome to click ILDASM and then search for the assembly whose IL code you want to see.
Well you can directly add "View In ILDASM.exe" in your right click option, so
as you right click .dll or .exe files you get View In ILDASM.exe and eaisly view IL code.


This article guides you to little Registry Tweak through which you can open .exe or .dll (Ofcourse .NET Assemblies only!) files in ILDASM just by right clicking on .dll or .exe files.
**BEWARE! If you edit wrong values, then your .dll or .exe  files setting may get corrupt**

  I am explaining everything from scratch....

STEP 1 :

               Go to Run

Run as


               Expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT



              Type dllfiles or goto HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile

dllfile key


               Add New Key by clicking right click on dllfile key and name that key Shell

Add new Shell Key


              Then Right click the added key Shell and Add new key to it and name it "View In ILDASM".


              Now right click last added key "View in ILDASM" and add new sub key to it and name it "Command"
Command Key


              Now Add Command Key Default value as path to ILDASM.exe with parameter "%1" which sends the .dll   
              full path to ILDASM when you click "View In ILDASM" option in right click.
Enter path

         Now just right click on your .dll file and open it in ILDASM.

Right Click .dll File
The same step is applied to exefiles also when you want to add right click option for .exe files.

Well this is all, right click and Enjoy.... :)

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