SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) – Part 20 – Executing SSIS package from Stored Procedure

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This is part 20 of the series of article on SSIS. In this article we shall learn how to execute SSIS package from stored procedure.


In this article we are going to see how to execute a SSIS package inside a stored procedure. To follow my series of articles on SSIS packages refer to the below URL’s 

SSIS Series Part 1 to 19


In this article since we are going to see on executing the SSIS package using a stored procedure. We need to carry out some basic configuration. Go to SQL Server Surface area Configuration and select the Surface Area Configuration for features as shown in the below images.

Now to go xp_cmdshell tab and select the checkbox Enable xp_cmdshell.

Here we have enabled this in order to execute our SSIS Package using this procedure. We will use one our package which we have created as sample in our existing articles. Now we are going to create a stored procedure to execute the package with passing some input variables to be used in the connection string as follows,

    @strLocation VARCHAR(500),  
    @strServer VARCHAR(500),
    @strDbName VARCHAR(500),
    @EmailAddress VARCHAR(500)


@Cmd VARCHAR(4000),
@ReturnCode INT,
@Msg VARCHAR(1000)

SELECT @EmailAddress = QUOTENAME(@EmailAddress,'"')
SELECT @strServer = QUOTENAME(@@servername,'"')
SELECT @Cmd = 'DTexec /FILE "' + @strLocation + 'MyProject.dtsx" /MAXCONCURRENT 1 /CHECKPOINTING OFF  /REPORTING EW'
    + ' /SET \Package.Variables[User::varSourceSQLServer].Properties[Value];' + @strServer
    + ' /SET \Package.Variables[User::varErrorNotifyEmail].Properties[Value];' + @EmailAddress

EXEC @ReturnCode = xp_cmdshell @Cmd

IF @ReturnCode <> 0
   SELECT @Msg = 'SSIS package execution failed - ' + @strLocation + 'INstance Name: ' + @strServer + '.' + @strDbName
   EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @recipients = @EmailAddress , @body = @Msg, @subject = 'SSIS Execution Failure'

RETURN @ReturnCode
We can then call the stored procedure as follows,

EXEC USP_ExecuteSSIS 'C:\Packages\', 'KARTHIK-PC/Karthik', 'MyProject' 'MyMail@gmail.com';
Thanks !

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