How to see consolidated trace information of all pages in ASP.NET application

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In earlier articles we learnt that how to enable debugging in ASP.NET , Trace the application or website to know that how the page execution is happening and which method is taking how much time. In this article we shall learn how to see consolidated trace information for all visited pages of the website.


Tracing is a mechanism to monitor the execution of the application at development as well as in the production (live) environment. In order to demonstrate how to  see consolidated trace information of all pages of the
application rather than seeing each page one by one.

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<compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.0" />

<trace enabled="true" pageOutput="false" requestLimit="20"/>


Set pageOutput=false in the web.config file trace tag and browse the Trace.axd file from the application (Trace.axd file is the internal trace handler file and it doesn’t exists physically in the application). In case your application url is http://localhost then your trace.axd file should be browsed by writing http://localhost/trace.axd.

Here requestLimit property allows us to set the maximum number of web pages to be tracked on trace.axd file.

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In the above picture, we can see the output of Trace.axd file in the browser. All the trace information of the page we have visited in our application are tracked and clicking on View Details link shows the detail trace information about that page.

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Hi Sir,

Excellent Series of articals on Cookies and Tracing Concepts.
I request you to start a similar articals series on generic concept also....

I hope, i get to see some excellent articals on generics also.....

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