Creating New Website in local IIS using Visual Studio 2010

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In this quick post you will learn how to create a new website in local IIS using Visual Studio and access it directly from browser.


Before writing anything, I will say this is a very simple article for those who don’t know how to create website in IIS and navigate that website without opening Visual Studio IDE always. Means just open the browser and navigate that local websites. Actually such system has very huge advantages if we are working on intranets (in simple, local internet called intranet). Means if we have dozen of computers under network and one of the PC has server configuration then such websites can be available on each PC on network. Many companies has adopted such service, BSL is one the example who is using such services since decade.

Look at below, I have opened a ASP.NET website without Visual Studio IDE. 


In the above browser snap, ‘localhost’ url part may be replaced by computer name or IP. Look at snap below.



Okay, introduction is over now. Let’s configure such system for our website developments. Follow the steps for the same. 

Note: Please be sure of IIS installation.

Step 1

Open the Visual Studio IDE as administrator. For this you need to go through the snap given below.



Step 2

Now, if IDE is opened then navigate to File > New > Web Site… and then look at snap below. I just have chooses HTTP as my website root location and then website name as ‘TestSite’. At the end click on ok button.



Step 3

Now you have an IIS (localhost) website that will be accessible from browser directly. Let’s test this. Open the browser and type












Let’s look at my own screen.



I hope you will love this. 


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Hi Abhimanyu...
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