How to call code behind method in JavaScript in C# and VS2010?

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How to call code behind method in JavaScript in C# and VS2010


Certain requirements requires us to communicate with code behind code, here is how you can access code behind function in java script.

1) Create website in vs2010

2) Add Ajax.dll into Bin folder of website.

you can use
to download Ajax.dll

3) Add Using Ajax; to your code

4)Add  Ajax.Utility.RegisterTypeForAjax(this.GetType()); to page load.


5)   Add Ajax.JavascriptMethod() just above the function you need to call in javascript.



    public string  ReturnString()


        return "Hi this sample test";


6) In aspx, just call the function.


<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

        function test1() {





<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Button" OnClientClick=" test1()" />


Thanks for reading! Do let me know your feedback or comment.

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Posted by: JerryKPOSOnThenet-8033 on: 8/17/2011 | Points: 25
This only pertains to VS2010?? Not VS2008??

Posted by: Muralireddye on: 12/22/2011 | Points: 25
Hi Jerry,

i am unable to get the "Ajax.Utility.RegisterTypeForAjax(this.GetType());" in pageload. i have been added the Ajax.dll as reference.

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