SQL Server - Crossword - #1

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SQL Server - Crossword Puzzle - #1


The main intension of this article is Playing/Trying game with SQL Server experience - "SQL Server Crossword #1"




A. Left to Right
      1 _____Is a SET option ON to used to restrict the "Row(s) affected" information
_____Is a Key composed of two of more columns
_____Is a statement used to alters the flow of execution to a label
_____Is the bottom level of nodes in the index.
_____Is a statement which blocks the execution of a batch until a specified time or time interval is reached
10  _____Is a collection of database objects that are owned by a single user.
11  _____Is an unique number assigned to each entry in a transaction log

B. Top to Bottom
_____Is a function returns a null value if the two specified expressions are equal.
_____Is the SET operator allows you to combine the results of two or more SELECT statements into a single result set. And It'll not apply SORT
_____Is a Fixed-length, non-Unicode character data with a length of n bytes.
_____Is a function which returns the first nonnull expression among its arguments
_____Is a statement to prevent the principal from inheriting the permission
12  _____Is a function which returns a numeric value, rounded to the specified length or precision

C. Right to Left
12  _____Is a function which returns a random float value from 0 through 1.

D. Bottom to Top
13  _____Is a default batch seperator(It can be changed)



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