How Much Money Should I Spend on Website Promotion?

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In This Article we are going to learn about “Money spending on a website Promotion”.
  1. The first rule when it comes to creating an internet marketing campaign is to understand what you are selling. The reality is: customers don't buy products, they buy the benefits and solutions they believe the products provide.
  2. The next big problem people are faced with is how to get their message out and how much should they spend on their marketing campaigns. The internet and new technology has opened up new venues for a lot of small and medium sized business.
  3. Jamie Scott from CreditDonkey says, "The goal for every merchant is to get their customers to use their credit card to purchase products or services and in the end to eventually become returning customers." Although the web has created a lot of new opportunities, the best business in the world can fail if they can’t get their message out to the public. This is why promotions and marketing campaigns are becoming more and more important. This is your first point of contact with your customers and a positive promotions campaign creates confidence in your product or service.
  4. The biggest thing businesses need to be aware of when they first start an internet marketing campaign is to keep an eye on their Return on Investment (ROI). If you spend a million dollars and generate two million in sales then your ROI was profitable. If you spend $2,000 and don’t generate a single sale then you have a terrible ROI and a big problem. In these situations it is sometimes better to cut your losses and go in a different direction.
  5. The reality is that there is a big discrepancy on how much a business should spend on a publicity campaign. If you want to see a positive Return on Investment you have to be prepared to spend some money. Some professionals believe that a minimum campaign budget should be between $5,000 and $10,000.
  6. If your budget is lower than this, you then increase your risk of having a failed campaign and will end up having to do it over again and spend more money. Yes you can save some money by hiring someone who will create a website for you in their basement but chances are you will end up with a website that ... well looks like it was made in someone’s basement. Like it or not, it takes a professional to make a professional website that people will trust and feel comfortable using their credit card to make a purchase.
  7. Be careful about people who make exaggerated promises. There is so much competition out there that anyone who promises you a number one spot on Google for $200 is probably lying and you will end up just throwing your money away. It would probably be better to just donate that $200 to a charity; at least you can get a tax deduction with the money.
  8. It also takes a professional to create good content for your website. If you want to build credibility will your customers, you have to have compelling content that makes sense and is well researched. An article that is full of grammatical and spelling errors does not create a lot of confidence.
  9. Another good way to increase your exposure on the internet is to find a promotional company that has experience generating newsworthy angles for your business. This is a great way to generate “free” publicity and build credibility for your product or service.
  10. Again these companies are not cheap so you should be prepared to spend some money. But again think about your ROI, if spending $10,000 generates an income of $25,000 then the money was well spent.
  11. Although you have to spend money to make money, there are some good options for people who want to save some money and that is by using social media. Organizations like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are gaining in popularity and it is a good way to get your message out there.
  12. There is a lot of noise in these market places so it might take a while before your message is heard but if you believe in your product or services and create a strong following then your popularity can grow very quickly.
  13. Some of the biggest companies in the country who are using Twitter to create relationships with their customers include Starbucks, Home Depot, South West Airlines, New York Times and Zappos, which has probably one of the most successful Twitter marketing campaigns in the world.
  14. There is not one magic solution when it comes to creating a successful internet promotional campaign it will take money and time and if you want to get the best results it pays to diversify. Creating a blog, using social media, and creating some news articles is a good way to cover your bases and reach the widest range of potential customers.
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