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The most prestigious award for the professionals working in Microsoft technologies is the "Microsoft MVP" award and I am happy to inform that I have received this award.

Introduction about Microsoft MVP Award

Microsoft MVP Award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. This award is given as an appreciation for outstanding contributions in technical communities during the past year.

What comes with this Award?

As you can see in the above picture
  1. Microsoft MVP Certificate
  2. Microsoft MVP Crystal Award Gift
  3. Microsoft MVP Lapel Pin
  4. Microsoft MVP ID Card etc. and 
  5. the most important thing is the respect from the community, a great deal of satisfaction that someone is there to recognize your effort of sharing knowledge.
On this occasion, I would like to talk about myself and that helped me to get this award. 

A little history about

I have been sharing my knowledge since the inception of, when I had launched this website on the birth of my daughter Sindhuja Narayan on 19-Apr-2007. Before launching this website, I had no expectation whether I will get MVP award (perhaps I was not so familiar about this award) or someone will recognize my effort or this website will become so popular that people from more than 180 countries and territories will start visiting this website withing few months of its launch.

I had launched this website with intention that whatever I know I will share to the people because at that time I really used to struggle finding solutions of simple problems. I remember those days when I used to develop this website by sitting days and nights without rest. I used to go to office and work whole day and in night I used to come by 9.30 PM and used to work on this website developing each and every pages from scratch. When it used to be 4.30 AM or 5.30 AM in the morning I used to go to bed and wakeup at 9.30 AM to start for the office again.

In the weekends, I used to lock myself in the room and work for this website. No breakfast no lunch and no dinner, thanks to Pizza Hut that helped me a lot (I used to order Pizza in the evening and it used to get delivered at my home and I used to fulfill my hunger). When I used to wake up Monday morning after working days and nights in the weekends, I used to look like a ghost :).

Each and every line of code of has been written by me (Apart from,, and codes are also written by me independently). The complete website has been developed by me independently (the logo, the UI, Data access layer, business access layer, everything). All this has given me tons of knowledge and experience.

Web technology is my passion, I like developing website, writing code. I love .NET. I remember my earlier days when I tried to learn Java; just for creating a textbox, I had to write 3-5 lines of code, I do not know whether it has improved now ;). .NET is something that I liked most. When .NET framework was in its first version, I used to show two versions of the same page to my seniors, one built in classic asp and one in ASP.NET and used to advocate to shift to .NET rather than keep working in classic ASP.

Thanks to

Today when I got this Microsoft MVP award, I feel very good about it and proud on myself. Of course this is not only appreciation of my effort but also for all who are associated with I would like to talk about them in brief.

  • Sainath Sherigar - A amazing personality, I feel really fortunate to be in touch with him, talk with him. He is more precious than a diamond. A source of inspiration for many and particularly for me. One of the most Ideal person I have ever seen. I had a chance to meet with him once in Pune and I must say that I was feeling blessed.
  • Shivprasad Koirala - I am jealous with him, I do not know from where he got energy to learn things so quickly and start sharing his knowledge and how broad his mind is. Name the technology and he knows (.NET is in his blood, Java, Networking etc). Apart from technology, he knows many other things. Just meet him and you will find out. I am so fortunate that he accepted me as a friend and he spends time talking with me. Please bless me Shivprasad so that I also get energy like you to learn and share.
  • Kapil Siddharth - I do not know much about him but whatever I know based on that I can say that he is awesome personality, loaded with tons of knowledge, experience.
  • Rajesh Pillai - Do not know much about him but a highly technical person, perhaps apart from food, he also eats and drinks technology every day :). Loaded with tons of knowledge and experience.
  • Vuyiswa Maseko - No words to explain about him, he is like my brother. We talk, laugh, cry together. The pillar of Shouldering me to maintain from its inception year. He is now Administrator of Simple, honest, straight forward, smart, open, lovable and what not. 
  • Radha Srikanth - A nice person, maintaining Interview section for last several months. Very dedicated, caring and willingness to share his knowledge to others. Posses a very good attitude, I am sure he is going to touch a new height in his career very soon.
  • T. Saravanan - I do not know much about him but he is a very good person. Delicately maintaining Codes section of the website for last several months. Polite and posses very good attitude, a bright future is waiting for him.
  • Somnath Dey - One of my best friend but no discussion ends between me and him without quarrel :). Maintaining Community and other sections for long time. A very nice person !
  • Vishwas Sutar - Do not know much about him and he is new to but in very short duration he has created a very good impression. Highly experienced & knowledgeable, Shaping up Articles section nicely.
  • Suresh Reddy - Spiritual, open and dedicated for the growth of the website. A nice person.

I feel so proud on my team members and feel blessed to have these awesome personalities around me. Thank you so much you all for being associated and its my pleasure to talk and work with you all every day.

Apart from above great personalities, I would also like to thank Microsoft for recognizing my contribution to the community; my Microsoft MVP lead, Abhishek Kant for giving his time to talk about MVP Award.

Thanks to the readers/visitors of and thanks to all who directly or indirectly supported


I dedicate this Microsoft MVP award to all the team members who continuously supported one or the other way. I feel this award is not only appreciation of my effort but the effort of the whole team.

At this time I also want to remember those who were part of team earlier but not now. Thanks to all of you as well.

Cheers and have fun. There is a long way to go, we have just started !

Keep it up!

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About the Author

Full Name: Sheo Narayan
Member Level: HonoraryPlatinum
Member Status: Administrator
Member Since: 7/8/2008 6:32:14 PM
Country: India
Regards, Sheo Narayan

Ex-Microsoft MVP, Author, Writer, Mentor & architecting applications since year 2001. Connect me on | |

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Comments or Responses

Posted by: Ugain on: 10/11/2011 | Points: 25

Your greatest strength is your consistency,persistence and simplicity. While DNF is a great platform for becoming an MVP and other people have utilized it to it's maximum potential, you had to patiently grind it out over the past few years but I am glad that it has finally happened.
There are few forums of people we come across in life who enrich us for the better, the DNF team, each person mentioned above is a champion in his / her own right. I have learnt many things while directly interacting with and reading their articles. Having witnessed the consistent growth of DNF in the last few years and also the quality of people it continues to attract, I am sure bigger things are on the horizon.

Sainath Sherigar
Posted by: Susanthampy on: 10/12/2011 | Points: 25
Congratzzzzzzzzz Sheo.................
Posted by: ttarakarajesh-8732 on: 10/12/2011 | Points: 25
Congratulations Sheo.
Posted by: T.saravanan on: 10/12/2011 | Points: 25
Hi Sheo,


Thanks to you for sharing golden days in your life and difficulty for develop our DNF. I am sure now you are very happy because in our DNF family day by day more no.of relatives(members) are joining and increase our website strength.

All the best to you and advance wishes to get MVP awards in future years also. Again thanks to you for point out my work in our DNF and your wishes.
Posted by: Akiii on: 10/13/2011 | Points: 25
Congratulations Sheo Sir..

Posted by: Vishalbedre on: 10/14/2011 | Points: 25
Hi Sheo,

Before start commenting on this post, I would like to wish you for your achievement “Microsoft MVP award”. I think you are the real hero for the amateur .net developers as well as experts. The .net developer community will be always grateful for your persistent and incredible work.
After reading this article, I fill that you really deserve this award. Thanks for sharing you experience with us and hope I personally also follow the same.

Vishal Bedre
Posted by: Yasirkudallur on: 10/15/2011 | Points: 25
Congratulations Sheo Sir..
Posted by: Kasibabu on: 10/19/2011 | Points: 25

Congratulations Sheo Narayana Sir...

Everyone in DNF is happiest news!

I hope helpful to Others to become MVP's form Dotnet funda & Microsoft more and more.. from yourside.


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