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What is Web Analytics?
What it does for you......

- Generate quality traffic to your site.
- Doing a primary research and competitive analysis of the market to understand who would quality referrers
- Explain clearly what you have to offer
- A clear and simple message that showcases your product/services
- Provide ample incentives.
- Let your visitors know the benefits/incentives they receive using action words and appropriate images.
- Have a quick and easy registration/sign up/application process.
- An easy navigation and usability features to reach the complete conversion cycle
- Have reassuring feedback comments, ratings
Customer reviews, ratings, can be huge bonus if used in the right way
- Security credentials to reduce customer anxiety
- Security logos like VeriSign and showcasing
- Security features is always a plus

Is there something else that can be considered as factor?
please feel free to add on via comments.

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