How to convert a Silverlight application to out-of-browser application?

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In this article, we are going to learn how to work with Out-of-browser application in Silverlight.

Out-of-browser application

Out-of-browser application is a Silverlight application that can be installed from the running Silverlight application in the browser to the local computer.

After installation, it can be run from the local machine by clicking its icon rather than launching from browser as if it is a desktop application.

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How to convert a Silverlight application to out-of-browser application?

Any Silverlight application can be converted to Out-of-browser application by following below steps

  •  Setting Out-of-browser related application properties of the Silverlight project in Visual Studio

Clicking on Out-of-Browser Settings button opens up following icon

Settings in above dialogue box allows us to specify different icons for this application that displays when it is installed on the machine.

Clicking OK creates OutOfBrowserSettigs.xml file in the project’s Properties folder.

After setting properties, we can install the application by right clicking from the browser (run the application and right click).

Clicking on “Install……” menu gives dialogue box something like below.

Clicking on Install button, installs the application on the computer.

Clicking the icon from the Start menu runs the application like this.

To uninstall out-of-browser application, right clicking the application in the browser (run in the browser) and click on “Remove this application …” menu.

The same can be done by going to Control Panel > Programs and Features as well.

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