Let's learn Format Function in Sql Server 2012

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In this article, we shall learn Format Function of Sql Server 2012


Sql Server 2012 has brought a lot of new functions for the T-Sql developers. In this article we will look into Format Function.


It formats the value as indicated.This function is there in dot net for a long time and now has been added in Sql Server.


Format (expression, format [, culture]) 


Expression = > the expression to format

Format => A valid dot net framework format pattern.

Culture => It is optional and is use for specifying the culture

Example 1: Date Formatting

Declare @t table(Culture varchar(10))
Insert into @t values('en-US'),('fr')

Declare @dt Date = '06/15/2011'

,Res1 = FORMAT(@dt,'d',Culture) 
,Res2 = FORMAT(@dt,'yyyy/mm/dd',Culture)
From @t 

	Culture		Res1			Res2
	-------		----			----
	en-US		6/15/2011		2011/00/15
	fr		15/06/2011		2011/00/15

Example 2: Currency Formatting

Declare @t table(Culture varchar(10))
Insert into @t values('en-US'),('ru'),('no')

Declare @currency int = 200

,FormattedCurrency = FORMAT(@currency,'c',Culture) 
From @t 

	Culture		FormattedCurrency
	-------		-----------------
	en-US		$200.00
	ru		200,00p.
	no		kr 200,00

Even we can specify the number of characters that will appear after the decimal point. Let's have a look

Declare @t table(Culture varchar(10))
Insert into @t values('en-US'),('ru'),('no')

Declare @currency money = 10.25

,Res1 = FORMAT(@currency,'C1',Culture) 
,Res2 = FORMAT(@currency,'C2',Culture) 
,Res3 = FORMAT(@currency,'C3',Culture) 
,Res4 = FORMAT(@currency,'C4',Culture) 
From @t 

	Culture		Res1	  Res2		Res3		Res4
	-------		-----	  -----		----		----
	en-US		$10.3	  $10.25	$10.250		$10.2500
	ru		10,3p.	  10,25p.   	10,250p.	10,2500p.
	no		kr 10,3   kr 10,25	kr 10,250	kr 10,250  


SQL Server 2012 (Denali) seems to be very mature and promising and has embedded with many new functions.In this article we have looked into the Format function and it's usefulness into the T-Sql programming parlance.This function happens to be a good addition into the box and it supports advance formatting with specified culture which was a difficult choice with Cast and Convert.Hope the article will be useful.

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