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Visual Studio 2012 is having a bunch of new features, which helps improve the developer productivity. In this article we will discuss about the Quick Launch Feature.

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Visual studio consists of many features which will enable the Application Lifecycle Management using the IDE. IDE features are categories and grouped into menu items and options. As developer it may e difficult to remember each menu item or options and the navigation path to the specified item. Now, Visual studio introduced a new feature which enables the user to find a menu item or option quickly.
On top right corner of the Visual Studio we can see the Quick Launch option.

This feature allows the developer to quickly locate a menu option, which may be available in a deeper menu. Quick launch searches the Menu options, Open Documents, Options and Most recently used items. Search results displayed depends on the category.

Enter the required text to the quick launch area, say option. The search result is displayed and grouped under Menus and Options.

By default the Quick launch will search Menus, Options and Open documents. We can turn off the search options using the Quick Launch Options available under Options. Invoke the Quick Launch configuration window using the Quick launch itself.

Type Quick Launch and select the item under Options (Environment->Quick Launch)


This will open the Options Window, where we can configure the Quick Launch. From this window, we can configure where we need to perform the search. If we need to search only the Menu items, we can enable the same.

Also, we can persist the last search result using the option “Show search results from previous search when Quick Launch is activated”.

We can perform specific search by prefixing  theshortcut specified in the above window in the search text. Below we are restricting our search to search only the Menu items.



Visual studio introduced a new feature called Quick Launch, which enables the user to find a menu item, option and open documents quickly.

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