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I will show you how to implement Password Recovery control with CAPTCHA included and how to handle the background processing.


Recently I have found a problem in implementing PasswordRecovery which is provided by ASP.Net. But the problem I faced using this control is hackers can use this to find out the valid usernames from assumptions.


I want to implement CAPTCHA along with the PasswordRecovery and also to avoid hackers to get the valid username, I am passing the same message back from server to the client machine in case of success or failure.

Using the code

Implement the PasswordRecovery

Download the free CAPTCHA control from

Instead of using default SuccessTemplate I have use a Div with id and runat server attribute . This is to show same message in failure or success.

Now I have handled the Captcha errors in the code-behind.

Now trying the functionality.

       Case 1: Enter wrong username with wrong Captcha letters

   Case 2: Enter wrong username with correct Captcha letters

   Case 3: Enter correct username with correct Captcha letters


This is a quick and easiest way to implement CAPTCHA in ASP.NET applications.

Thanks for looking in to my solution.

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