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Here are few things that should be considered before sending an official email.

Below is the list of few points that should be considered before sending an official email. This may not be the expert advice but few points that I learnt while interacting with people.

  1. Generally it is suggested to avoid using themes in the email.
  2. You may use light background color and easily visible foreground color in the email. Its good to have white background and black foreground color.
  3. Greet the receiver first.
  4. Ensure that there is no typo in the email.
  5. Ensure that you are not writing any offensive words.
  6. Ensure that you are not pointing to a single person negatively.
  7. Avoid writing “I, you” instead use “we” wherever suitable. Sometimes you can’t avoid writing “I” when only you are dealing with the something, that is okay.
  8. Ensure that proper recipients are addressed. Avoid clicking “Reply All” button, think before clicking it. If all are not required to receive your email, send only to the concerned person. (When you are also part of the large audience and all are expecting your answer, naturally you will have to reply all).
  9. For general discussion, avoid including your manager’s email id in CC or BCC unless it is specified.
  10. Avoid forwarding secondary emails (not related with your primary work) to the group ids.
  11. Take extra care while writing something to the group ids (as your content is going to be exposed to the  large audience.)
  12. Avoid commenting on secondary emails (not related with your primary work).
  13. End your email with polite words.
  14. Its always good to use your company signature at the last that contains your contact details too, if not provide your contact details at the last (like your office extension, IMs, if required your cell phone number)
  15. Read your email once again, before clicking on “Send” button.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. If you have some more points that should be considered or suggestions on above points, please feel free to suggest by responding to this article.



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Comments or Responses

Posted by: Abhijit Jana on: 1/1/2009
First of all wish you a happy new year !!!

You have written,
4. Ensure that there is no typo in the email.
For that I have checked "Always Spelling Check Before Sending Mail " Check box in my outlook.
and Its a very good practice too.

Cheers !!

Posted by: SheoNarayan on: 1/1/2009
Thanks Abhijit for the new year wish.

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.

Indeed it is a very good practice to check this checkbox so that before sending an email, outlook or other email client checks the spelling of every word.

It can be done (in Microsoft Windows Mail) by going to Tools > Spelling > Setting > Always check spelling before sending (checkbox). The position of this setting may differ in different mail clients.

Sheo Narayan
Posted by: Deysomnath on: 1/5/2009
Good article sheo... thanks to remind us all the points again.
Posted by: Manojswain on: 2/26/2009
hi,it's a nice article,do u have any code for MVC design pattern.can u explain me difference between MVC and 3-Tier architecture,thanks for ur support,waiting for ur reply.
Posted by: SheoNarayan on: 2/26/2009
Look at following article


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