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Project Management information are sought by a number of people who want to learn, understand and implement the process into their business venture.
Some things we need to learn cannot be learned in our experience because our experience depends on our environment. In managing your tasks, you need information on how to handle them correctly to avoid some mess. Here are the top five resources where you can have project management information, which you need to know.


One of the best and accessible resources these days when it comes to any research you want is the world wide web. You can use different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You just need to write the exact keywords and the internet will provide you with different links to open. It can not only give you blogs but it can also give ebooks, pdf and word document files for you to read and see what you can apply to yourself. Some, especially the ebooks, may require you to buy the information you need. Don't worry, almost everything is for free on the web thus you can search for more especially on blogs.


These days, you can buy books online if you need a lifetime investment of information. The internet may be good but it can also be preferable for some to have a handy book especially those who have just begun their career. Books with regard to management are always available on site online like Amazon.com.

Former Project Managers

Everyone knows that experience is the best teacher. Some things we learn in experience cannot be found in any book. It is best to know those who have experienced this and ask them what project management is all about. You can ask them about the challenges you may encounter on your way. You can also ask them the best tips they can give you to make yourself as a project manager better. Some project managers are bloggers as well and they post project information for free. You can seriously read their pointers. If you want to learn about the common mistakes they had, some blogs also provide their experiences. You may print them to make the information handy.

Your Boss

Since it is his company, he must have knowledge of what you need to do. He also has his expectations for you which mean that he knows what is supposed to be done. Not all bosses have the same expectations of their workers and thus you need to communicate with them.


It doesn't mean that a worker that is not in line with the job has nothing to say about project management. Remember that in the long run, you need to use a team to get things done. Your co-workers were involved, are involved, and will be involved in your task and so they can give you some tips. They can also give you tips with regard to the failure or success of the past project manager.

As always, you don't work alone and thus you need to gather project management information about you and your company to become successful.

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