Advantages of MVC than Webforms

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In today's world MVC architecture was the new hot cake released in 2009 . In 2012 MVC4 has been released and the developers are moving towards Asp.Net MVC. Let us see why MVC than Web-forms and what are the advantages of MVC over Webforms .


Let us about Model View Architecture and its advantages than the Web forms .Asp.Net MVC is a frame work for developing Web applications that Model View Controller Design Pattern .

The Asp.Net MVC contains 3 Core Parts 

Model :

Model is the part of the application that implements the data domain logic .It is responsible for data base connections and implementing business rules Model responds to the controller request .

View : 

View is the graphical data presentation i.e (User Interface ).When ever a controller request's the model , it will fetch the data and display in the appropriate View .

Controller :

The controller is the heart of the MVC .When ever a request came from the clients ,the controller accepts the request and it will invoke the model and model fetches the data from DB and send's the result to appropriate View .
In the controller the routing engine will play a major role.
MS provides two types of routing engine's
I prefer razor because it allows only pure html controls ,which is the main objective of MVC .
They are some third party routing engine's also available like nHaml ,Spark etc.
We can also create a custom routing engine.

I will explain in depth about the routing engine's in the coming articles .

Advantages of MVC over Webforms :

1)We have clear separation of layers that makes application maintenance very simple
2)No Asp Web server control's so,No event handlers page size will become very light 
3)View state is not supported , so performance is increased 
4)View Engine's supported 
5)Search engine optimization is very high 
6)User Interface is lightly coupled 
7)Parallel Development is Possible  and easy to do unit testing 

Dis-advantage : 

1)Since there was no support for the View state ,Developer has to write more code to maintain data in the page when an exception occurred while submitting the data . 

MVC - History :

MVC-1 released in 2009
MVC-2 released in 2010
MVC-3 released in 2011
MVC-4 was released in 2012 (August)

MVC  Overlaps Webforms :

We can strongly say no to this question .MVC and Web-forms both are the different   approaches to develop web application .Based on our requirement we can use these architectures .


Common things in MVC and  Webforms :

Since both of them are above the top of the framework , implementation of security,membership providing and caching are the common techniques .


We had an idea why MVC than Web-form's right . From the next article let us dig more in to Asp.Net MVC4 

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