Exposing WCF REST and SOAP Service over HTTPS

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Expose WCF service through HTTPS for SOAP and REST


In this article we come to know, how to expose REST and SOAP WCF service over HTTPS. We also come to know different SSL related settings in IIS.


To learn how to expose website or WCF Service over https and also how to use secure socket layer.


To expose service over HTTPS you have do the following:-

1. Web.config file changes

2. IIS changes

Web.config file changes

1. In serviceMetaData change httpGetEnabled= true to httpsGetEnabled= true.

2. Set mexHttpBinding as mexHttpsBinding

<endpoint address="mex" binding="mexHttpsBinding" contract="IMetadataExchange" />

3. Set Binding for REST and SOAP



        <binding name="SecureWebBinding">

          <security mode="Transport"></security>




        <binding name="SecureBasicBinding">

          <security mode="Transport"></security>





4. Set bindingConfiguration properties in endpoint.

        <endpoint  address="SOAP"



bindingConfiguration="SecureBasicBinding" />

        <endpoint  address="REST"


contract="IService "

bindingConfiguration="SecureWebBinding" />

IIS Changes

1. Create Server Certificate

In connections section select root node than double click on server certificate.

In right pane click on “Create Self-Singed Certificate”. Give certificate name and click on OK. One certificate is created.

2. Set certificate to HTTPS

Click on your web site and select bindings from right pane.

Click on Add and select type as “https” and select the SSL Certificate that you created.

Click on OK.

3. Now select SSL Settings of the web site. Check on “Require SSL”. From right pane click on Apply.

Restart you web site.

Your web site is ready to use over HTTPS.


So, in this article we have learned to expose WCF service over HTTPS we have to do some setting changes in web.config as well as in IIS.  Hope this will help you.

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