How to calculate CRC 8 Check-Sum using C#.

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How to calculate CRC 8 Check-Sum using C# code.


We are going to check the code that will calculate CRC 8 Check Sum of Hex Data.

Using the code

We are going to look into ComputeAdditionChecksum() function. This function will take the data bytes. Then these data bytes are then processed one at a time and CRC 8 will be calculated.

Below is the code:
public static byte ComputeAdditionChecksum(byte[] data)
    byte sum = 0;
    unchecked // Let overflow occur without exceptions
        foreach (byte b in data)
            sum += b;
    return sum;
Below is the code for UI. Here text box is used to get the hex data form the user. The entered data by user will be stored in byte array using for loop. After that byte array is passed to ComputeAdditionChecksum() function. 

Here is the code.
protected void btnSybmit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (txtData.Text.Length % 2 == 0)
            byte[] _crcdata = new byte[txtData.Text.Length / 2];
            int k = 0;
            for (int i = 0; i < txtData.Text.Length; i = i + 2)
                _crcdata[k] = byte.Parse(txtData.Text.Substring(i, 2).ToString(), System.Globalization.NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier);
            byte _checkSumData = Crc8.ComputeAdditionChecksum(_crcdata);
            lblMsg.Text = Convert.ToString(_checkSumData);
            lblMsg.Text = "Invalid checksum data.";
        lblMsg.Text = "Invalid checksum data.";



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Posted by: Anthonyzz on: 9/5/2013 | Points: 25
Because CRC is HashAlgorithm after all, so, if you want to calculate CRC 8 using c# , you can derive your classes from System.Security.Cryptography.HashAlgorithm class.
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public class CRC16 : HashAlgorithm {
public class CRC32 : HashAlgorithm {
Then, upon first creation we'll generate hashtables with CRC values to enhance future performance. It’s all about values table for bytes from 0 to 255 , so we should calculate it only once and then we can use it statically.
Posted by: Coursedloadr on: 9/7/2013 | Points: 25
Nice article

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